Types of Shirts (20 Different Types)

Types of tshirt, different types of tshirt and shirts

In this article, we found out how many types of shirts are and how many we can cover in a single article.


Casual Shirts

Casual & Relaxed Shirts allude to a style of shirt that is agreeable, lighthearted, and yet adequate, even as workwear. Casual shirts throw a tantrum and will be made in a lightweight but textured fabric. A denim shirt is the quintessential easygoing shirt. Think smart, cool, and relaxed.


The Sports & Games Shirt style doesn’t have anything to do with sports. However, it closely relates to energy, sportiness. A Sports shirt alludes to a style of shirt that is casual and laid back instead of the dressier dress shirts – inseparable from casual shirts. It will be more limited than the dress shirt so it tends to be worn untucked too and is made of fabrics that are more changed than that of the smoother shinier dress shirts.


Dress Shirts

These are button-up shirts, ordinarily worn under suits and coats to formal and semi-formal events – a closet staple of practically all design cognizant men. You can call an outfit with a dress shirt, tie and coat a semi-formal one.


The dress shirts are made of top-notch texture for the most part in a strong shading and are perfectly gotten into the gasp abdomen and are smooth and well fitted. A dress shirt will have full-length sleeves with single/french sleeves, solid collapsed neckline. Sleeve buttons are utilized to secure the sleeves, to make them the dressiest.


A Button-down dress shirt alludes to a shirt with the neckline focuses buttoned down


Aloha Shirts

This is a casual, free-fit, button-up shirt with colorful, and brilliant prints that you see worn on the seashores of Hawaii and other beaches. It has a straight flat hem and is generally worn untucked and tumbles to the hip in an easygoing nice style. The distinctive features are a convertible collar and large front pockets and brilliant bright prints and patterns.


The examples in these Hawaiian Aloha shirts are motivated by the island staples like hibiscus blossoms, palm trees. This shirt has an exceptionally giddy style perfectly for traveling on the seashores


Flannel Shirt/Lumberjack Shirt

One more name for this shirt is “Plaid shirt” As the name shows the shirt is named due to the material it is made of – lightweight casual wool which simultaneously is warm. The tough-looking checkered wool fabric is the distinctive element of this shirt type. Different elements are a convertible collar, fix pockets. It is worn all alone or as a jacket over a singlet or t-shirt and has an exceptionally open-air quality that is interesting to all men.


Granddad Shirt

This is a full-front button-up shirt with a banded neckline. It is typically made of top-notch cotton or linen. It began in Scotland, where a material form is known as a Sunday shirt. In opposition to its name, this shirt is a hit with adolescents. Granddads too.


Epaulet Shirt

This is a shirt style described by an extraordinary shoulder styling – the shoulder will have militarily roused shoulder straps.


Henley Shirt

This is a weave shirt with a short placket and round neck area and no neckline by any means.


Ivy league shirt/Oxford Shirt

The Ivy League look is a well-put-together, savvy, casual apparel style that emerged from the old private Northeastern college private academy grounds in the USA – you might know it as the preppy look. The elite-level shirt has a conservative neckline that recognizes it from different shirts.


An Oxford shirt is practically equivalent to the Ivy league shirt – simply that elite level shirt is these days made in other fabric than the oxford texture with which the oxford shirt is made – oxford fabric is a thick however delicate texture made utilizing an extraordinary basket weave, which began in Scotland during the nineteenth century. The resultant shirt is a relaxed one making a decent attempt to be formal and prevails at being a tad bit of both. It is as a rule in strong colors.


Western shirt

This shirt normally worn by the Cowboys (likewise called cowpoke shirt) has a high solid stand neckline, front and back molded yoke, front pockets with fold, in some cases weaving/funneling


Tunic shirt

This is a long-sleeved, hip-length, or long shirt with a free fit and a cut neck area, placket, as well as a Chinese neckline. A fresh and agreeable fabric like cotton or linen or even silk is the favored texture for tunic shirts. Conventional Asian men’s shirts can be classified as tunic shirts. Gain proficiency with the names of various sorts of Indian conventional men’s pieces of clothing here.


Tuxedo shirt/ Formal shirt

This is a proper event wear shirt regularly worn under a tuxedo coat (jacket) and has a yoke which is styled like an inherent face cloth with pintucks. This will be the apparent piece of the shirt under the jacket (coat). This shirt is generally matched with neckties and formal ties


Baseball shirt

This is the sort of overshirt that you see baseball players wearing – with no neckline and a straightforward button opening. Another shirt that is by all accounts named the equivalent is the basic button-up shirt without a neckline, in a raglan style – its sleeves arrive in a differentiating tone, and colors will stretch out totally to the neckline in one piece.


Golf shirts

Shirts in a weave texture with a short placket with a few buttons and a neckline. A golf shirt throws a tantrum (better for you to take that golf swing) and elbow-length sleeves and a twofold sewed collar (which makes it lie level) with free double-stitched sleeve & cuffs (joined sleeves), and now and then a left front pocket


Jersey shirt

At the point when you say ‘jersey’ in apparel, it ordinarily signifies the uniform of an athlete. However, in style terms, a pullover shirt alludes to a shirt produced using stretch jersey fabric ( or a cotton/material mix ) which is really soft and cozy. Spot on for the casual end of the week excursions, a jersey shirt is inseparable from casual daywear


Night Shirt

This refers to long (Calf length) loose-fitting shirts worn as nightwear. They are made of breathable cotton fabric


Polo shirts

Basically, the same as a Golf shirt (shirts in a knit texture with a short placket with a few buttons and a neckline); the distinction being that polo shirt is Shorter-sleeved (sleeves that end halfway down the biceps) than that of a golf shirt and the shirt is more fitted and the color can be made to rise up to secure the rear of the neck; They are likewise called Tennis shirts



A free collarless sweatshirt kind of shirt with long sleeves made of a thick soft and retentive material like fleece; It is practically similar to a sweater yet it is worn during athletic exercises. A pullover with a headcover is known as a Hoodie



T-Shirts need no intro. I would think a shirt can be announced ‘the clothing of this century and then some. Indeed, even the remotest corner of the earth will have a man in a t-shirt. The most renowned tech extremely rich person I know is seen each and every day in a similar hued t-shirt – as though he can’t manage the cost of the multitude of dress shirts on the planet.


A t-shirt is generally made of a dainty modest knit fabric and is the most agreeable of all garments. Team neck shirts are the most well-known however U neck and V neck ones are not a long way behind.


However, that isn’t its finish. There are numerous varieties to your straightforward T-shirt. Here is the post that clarifies this



This is a long, knit, sleeveless shirt that is fitted and worn under other shirts. It features a U or V neckline. I do not know if it qualifies as a shirt as you will not see anyone wear it on its own anywhere in public. But they are worn by a lot of men under their shirts for their warmth as well as sweat-absorbing quality. And once it is a habit, nothing can separate a shirt and an undershirt.