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What is the uniform for lacrosse?

A men’s lacrosse uniform essentially comprises a shirt (pullover), shorts, shoes, gloves, shoulder braces, arm cushions, protective cap, facial covering, and mouthpiece.

What are lacrosse jerseys made of?

lacrosse jerseys are made with a fake cross-section texture that is heavyweight enough to confront obstacles and scraped spots, while as yet being adequately lightweight to keep you cool/dry on the field. check out our sublimation jersey.


How to Place a Orders at Saitama Sportswear

There are three ways to do it.   Most Easiest Way:
  1. Go to Contact Us page
  2. Fill in all the details you want for your products.
  3. Additionally, include your phone number in the comment box.
Good Way:
  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected]
  2. Please add phone number in message.
Easy Way:
  1. Add the desired product to your cart.
  2. You will be redirected to request a quote.
  3. Include any modifications you want in the comment box.
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How Do We Prepare Your Orders?

If we don't wear it, we don't send it.Saitama Sportswear undergoes full sublimation, extending the delivery time, but the wait is entirely worthwhile.

Our Process to Manage Orders